2013: Social Media Marketing Moves from “Trend” to a “Must”

By on February 12, 2013

Here are some areas of digital marketing that are expected to gain some traction in 2013:

Mobile marketing

While the past years mobile marketing was not in the frontline of choices during the design process of a viral marketing campaign, 2013 will be the year where mobile devices and tablets will be a main channel of advertising and interactivity. With the use of Instagram from business and of other photo-sharing platforms, mobile devices will become a major source for web traffic to your site. Moreover mobile payments will gain a great share of online buying habits. If you can create an eshop, now it is a great time to do it! Also, if you do not already have a mobile website for your business, be sure to get one as soon as possible as close to 50% of searches for small business come from mobile devices.


Augmented reality

Forget QR codes! Augmented reality is here and even if it is yet very expensive, you must get more and more familiar with this technology. Augmented reality offers a “test drive” to consumers for different kind of products. With a minimum budget of 50,000 dollars augmented reality is not for everyone but at least do not hesitate to implement QR codes, which are free and have many applications. QR codes and Augmented Reality will help you to tell a story of your products when it matters: at the selves where buying process takes place.

Sophisticated audience.

With countless brands on social media, this year it will become harder to gain the approval of your audience. Consumers now know that a “like” and a “retweet” means cash for you and ,trust me, you have to try really hard to gain it. If you do not pay attention to your content and you are used to attract fans via competitions and coupons, you better decide to re-write you social media strategy.

Corporate Social Relations

Social communication between the members of the same company is becoming a major trend among businesses. Now companies can use platforms that move communication one step further between employers and employees and incorporate functions similar to Facebook, foursquare and twitter. Outlook will look so boring during 2013.

More Data. More tools to monitor them

Marketers will receive a great amount of information from different channels. Site statistics, Facebook and twitter statistics, AdWords and many other sources will push marketers to pay attention to figures and statistics. On the other hand, the advanced monitor tools are a great ally in order to create sophisticated and targeted media campaigns, combined with great ideas and fantasy. Does this mean you have to become a data analystist? For sure.

Interviews? Just Google me!

Do you have a Klout score? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not you better start doing it! During 2013 companies will not only search your academic background but also your social influence. Social media will not only affect Marketing but also HR. Before you enter the room to be interviewed be sure for one thing: they already know many things about you. If you are not on Google, your won’t get hired!


Two months ago I stated to my article Is Facebook Trying to be the “All Inclusive” Social Media Platform? thatI wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s next challenge will be to face Google in its own field: search engines”  I suppose Facebook with the announcement of new Graph Search justified me. Read more about that here.



Chris DiamantakosAbout the Author: Chris Diamantakos

Chris holds a master degree in International Marketing and his is experienced in marketing research and international business plans. He currently works in the marketing department of Gaea Products S.A., one of Europe’s leading food companies. He mainly organizes and implements Gaea’s on-line marketing activity and reviews new technologies in order to put the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.



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