21 Social Media Marketing Tips [Infographic]

By on October 25, 2012

There are no shortcuts when it comes to social media marketing. It is all about building that lasting relationship, one that provides mutual value to both the customer and the business. Here is an infographic highlighting 21 unwritten rules about social media marketing that everyone can benefit from.

Some key takeaways from the infographic:

It is important to contribute and position yourself as an expert. If you can’t contribute something of value, nobody will listen. It’s as simple as that. Creating meaningful conversation provides great value. Focus on creating productivity and quality, not activity and quantity.  Nobody likes a noisy marketer, but rather appreciate one that provides a value to them. So, avoid spamming and keep it real. Another important point is social media is a two way street. It’s not about just throwing out information, its about having a conversation. Keep the content interesting, engaging, and rich. Most importantly, have fun!

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