4 Social Networks Your Business Should Be On

By on October 8, 2012

Social networking is basically changing the way we communicate, interact, organize, form ideas, and even shop; it is blurring restrictions, increasing visibility and creating fluidity in almost everything we do. Connecting a twelfth of humanity and rapidly expanding, companies can no longer underestimate or try to inhibit social networks in their environment. It is a main portion of the content in which we now study, play and work.


In the USA alone, 93% of grownups are using social networks, especially Facebook and have approximately 229 friends on average. The huge rise in popularity of these networks make it extremely difficult for companies to think about how to use social media for business and the ways to assimilate social media marketing into their regular marketing plans. Let’s see the 4 main social networks your business should be on..


Facebook: You can make an account on Facebook, known as a leading and most-talked about social media site globally. Facebook enables you to post multiple posts, images, website urls, and video clips on your profile page or on business or group page. Ensure that you post your event’s subscription link or event’s ticketing link on your profile page, allowing the visitors to register straight away. You can also provide a backlink to your website or post to allow interested people to have a look at.


Twitter: This micro-blogging website is progressively used by experts to tweet about their fundraising events, conferences, group meetings, etc. on a regular basis. You can include a hash symbol with every update for additional presence. The main purpose of including hash tags is that they enable twitter posts to get top search positions on the Twitter search results. People trying to find events related details on the website will conveniently discover your compilation of tweets and a few of them may sign-up if they see the events of benefit to them.


Google Plus: Google+ is basically a social networking website that was created to compete with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Many early evaluations observe that Google Plus, although recently established in relative terms, provides a lot of the benefits in a single package. In addition, Google+ has the additional benefit of establishing most of the Google offerings that we have already begun to depend on, while providing more flexibility and adjustment.


Pinterest: Pinterest is the most recent sensation concerning social media marketing and its users. This website enables you to share or pin photos and urls in a message board structure. You can even sort out images and web links as you prefer. Pinterest has over ten million monthly visitors and has become a superb tool to generate traffic for numerous websites.

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