4 Things That Can Hurt Your Website’s SEO

By on October 9, 2012

Despite all the publications and information on how to strengthen your website’s SEO, people still commit to a lot of missteps. The fact is, if you are trying to improve your SEO rankings, you may be undertaking things that are causing more problems than if you conducted nothing at all. Several myths about SEO have come up in recent times. But unfortunately, they have triggered a lot of headache for those who base their promoting efforts on them. Continue reading to know about four things that can hurt your website’s SEO.

Canonical Problems: If you’ve multiple links to versions of the exact same webpage, then this can be an issue. The most sensible thing to undertake is to ensure that you select one Link and stick to it whenever backlinking to your website. If you overlook this and unintentionally link to a couple of different URLs for your main webpage, it may refer to the same page, but you are spreading out your backlinks. In addition, search engines have to select one canonical Web address to link with your website.

Ultimately the ideal thing you can carry out is to select one URL to stick with, but if you’ve other URLs which are available or you have linked with previously, the smartest thing to undertake in that situation is to come up with a 301 reroute on these Web addresses to point to the Web address you need to use, therefore paying attention on all the backlinks to where it need to go and indicating Google about your main URL.

Excessive keywords usage: Spam isn’t a positive thing. Search engines detest it when you excessively use specific keywords. If you’re using Meta tags, use the keywords only once and not repeatedly. In the content section, your keywords must be natural and not congested. Place your keywords in the 1st or 2nd sentence and possibly 3 to 4 times in the content body, in accordance with the content size, and once in the end. There are various theories on keyword placement per content size, but there’s only one thing to remember: Do not add too much!

Link building: Be very cautious with local SEO firms that offer to post your links on other websites. Most of the times these services may be robotic, or they might put your links on sites that Google considers as spam.

Flash Sites: Implementing flash makes it complex for search engines to adequately crawl your website. If you apply a flash introduction, this can have negative outcomes on your SEO rankings. Flash intro look awesome, but having good traffic is beneficial for you.

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