4 Ways Having More Fans Has Helped These Companies

By on June 23, 2012

4 Ways Having More ‘Likes’ Has Helped Companies

what is a facebook like worth to a business

Ok, you’ve heard it. Your business needs social media. That’s great, but how much is it really worth to you? How much return on your investment will it bring you? These are the stubborn questions businesses and business marketers have been facing since the dawn of social media, which was not all that long ago (that’s part of the problem). Since social media is so new, there aren’t many metrics for businesses to go by. However recently we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is bright. The following are some examples of how social media campaigns, specifically on facebook, have improved marketing for these companies.


1. Skittles’ Facebook page receives 14 times more visits than it’s website. That is pretty incredible, considering the cost of increasing traffic to a brand’s website, let alone being able to generate 14 times that.

2. Walmart generated 3.4 times more brand impressions over Christmas by running promotions on their facebook page.

3. Target discovered that within 4 weeks of seeing an ad, fans were 19% more likely to purchase from their store. Through ‘shared’, friends of fans became 27% more likely to buy.

4. Amazon.com fans spend TWICE as much as the average Internet user.

Getting likes is not the only way these companies transformed fans into sales. It also comes down to reaching your fans at the correct time (metrics), engaging with those fans and finding the best times of day to do so, and then amplifying what works. All of these combined can help your business reach it’s social media marketing goals and obtain a valuable ROI.

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