6 Simple Methods to Boost Website Traffic Using Facebook

By on June 26, 2012

6 Simple Methods to Boost Website Traffic Using Facebook

In a recent report, Facebook was confirmed as the most widely used social media website around the globe, exclusively as the most-visited website in 126 of the 137 nations.

Facebook is the perfect site to advertise your brand and company by which you can transform your small company into a large marketing company. This is a website that gives you the option to get good results in very shorter time period. It assists you to improve reliability and reputation on the internet.

Below are a few tips to increase your online traffic using Facebook.

1. Bring in your blog posts.

If you’ve a blog, transfer your blog’s feed into Facebook. Facebook will post the content in the RSS feed as Facebook records instantly. Encourage your friends and family to comment on your posts in Facebook notes. There is also an option to tag your friends. If you don’t like writing blog posts, try an outsourcing solution such as Buy-Blog-Posts.com.

2. Stay Friendly to Facebook

This may seem simple, but a lot of companies are beginning to “use Facebook just like Twitter” by both auto-publishing what they state on Twitter to Facebook or simply posting brief, 140-character texts. Use Facebook to demonstrate your business’ individuality by posting images of employees, asking conversation questions, and supporting comments.

3. Incorporate Back links to Your Site in all Blog posts

This is important for B2B individuals! If generating leads is your objective, make sure you are getting visitors or traffic exclusively to your site. Make it simple for your leads to lift their hands to work with you if they are prepared.

4. Use the Facebook Apps & Views Feature

Remember the times of “tabs?” Well, we now have “Apps & Views” to play with! Applications are those small square signs to the right side of your business page’s title. They are considerably more notable and visual as compared to tabs, and you can make use of the icon option to create a modest call-to-action impression. Create and upload images that business page readers can’t help but simply click.

5. Remember Conversion

Calculating Facebook page involvement is crucial to analyze whether individuals are taking note of your posts or not, but do not forget to evaluate traffic and leads, as well. Also, measure the conversion rate of the visitors coming to your site from Facebook. If it is low, maybe you are not bringing in the highest quality individuals.

6. Use Facebook Live Stream option

A very useful and free website promotion method including Facebook plug-in requires the use of Live Stream option, which enables consumers for making real-time shares of their undertaking and feedback when you sponsor a live celebration and let them communicate on the site after signing in via their Facebook account to work with this plug-in.

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