7 Social Selling Tips for 2013

By on December 19, 2012

Social selling is a new art, a new discipline, a more effective way to deal with more customers and be there when the opportunity is opening up. Collecting business cards is a thing of the past and social selling involves using social networks to allow salespeople to stay relevant to your prospects and communities during times that were traditionally characterized by no contact. Social selling is about understanding that the buying and selling processes can be optimized by a better informed and more connected customer and seller. The new social customer demands that sales people be relevant thought leaders who understand their company and their own needs before you engage with them. Social selling is a newer concept that is still having best practices developing and evolving. For some tips and best practices, 7 social selling thought leaders share their tips:

Koka Sexton: “Tweet to prospects about news & events in their industry. Be a curator & they’ll stay engaged.”

Jill Konrath: “Want more retweets? Email friends, ask for their help & give them 10 ready-to-go tweets to use.”

Christine Crandell: “Don’t pound the phone. Build a social edge. Give info for each step of a buyer’s journey.”

Matt Heinz: “Make your LinkedIn contacts reflect your professional contacts for better lead generation.”

Jill Rowley: “Socially surround leads by engaging them & their network on a few social channels, not just one!”

Megan Coughlin: “Offer every follower something like a guide or case study. Stop selling & add value.”

Julio Viskovich: “Invest time into new connections. Follow a know-like-trust-buy mentality before pitching.”


Fore more from the professionals and to learn more about social selling from successful practitioners, visit Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Social Selling.

Julio ViskovichAbout the Author: Julio Viskovich

Julio currently leads sales training at HootSuite and was named by InsideView and Social Selling University as 1 of the top 15 professionals using social selling in 2012. Julio is also working with Simon Fraser University to develop their pilot Certificate in Digital Communications. Surfing, skydiving, traveling and eating the hottest peppers from around the world make up Julio's downtime.



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