A Lesson “Gangnam Style” Can Teach You About Your Business’s Social Media Presence

By on December 4, 2012

I am certain that most of you have already heard about the success of “Gangnam Style” in YouTube. This massive hit is now the most viewed video on YouTube after only 4 month and is already approaching 1 billion views.

I am betting that from those 800 million views, few can understand the lyrics, since they are written not in English, but in Korean. So, how has this song became such a huge hit with celebrities like Robbie Williams promoting it? Even Barack Obama mentioned the song during a speech on Election Day.

It is not that hard to find. It is originality. It is the style that the song and the video have. In this case it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you do it with style.

So, to come to our topic, what can Psy teach you about your social media presence?

First of all, you must have style! No matter what your business sells, no matter how large your audience is, you have to express your personality through your overall media presence.  Why is your business special? What differentiates you? People do not like boring accounts.  When huge brands differentiate their accounts and offer interesting and even funny content, do you think you can attract followers and interactivity with posts related only to your product?

Secondly, give a reason people “like” you. I have a friend who sells tools and asked me what to write in order to get people to interact with him. Until now, he was writing about new models and offers on his store. Worth reading? I think not.  Try to expand in topics that can give ideas to your audience, that can solve problems or even advise them! Then you will able to create a relationship with them and fulfill the purpose of social media: to become social!

Last but not least, spend some time identifying your audience. With whom you can engage? In social media marketing, rule number one is that quality, and not quantity, matters most. Even if you sell nails, you may find the audience that wants to hear things from you besides stuff about plain old nails. Not boring things like posts about the different type of nails for example, but ideas on how to rebuild a room or furniture.

I am sure many of you can suggest many other important issues about this topic. What is your view? Please leave a comment below!


Chris DiamantakosAbout the Author: Chris Diamantakos

Chris holds a master degree in International Marketing and his is experienced in marketing research and international business plans. He currently works in the marketing department of Gaea Products S.A., one of Europe’s leading food companies. He mainly organizes and implements Gaea’s on-line marketing activity and reviews new technologies in order to put the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.



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