Content: Optimizing for Context and Quality [Infographic]

By on October 22, 2012

They way we consume and create content online is always evolving. This infograhic takes a look at many different types of content, how we use them, and how we can improve on them for SEO purposes.

Some key points: 

-Keyword length makes a big difference in conversions. Ideally, it is good to focus on keyword strings that are 2-3 words in length. Any strings longer than that see a decrease in conversions, and a single word keyword also shows a low conversion rate.

-Search engines remain the most popular way to discover new content, however social media networks, such as Twitter and Youtube, are quickly becoming people’s main feed of content.

-Content optimization is key! Content optimization is achieved through a variety of factors, including keywords, language, context, balance of optimization and creativity, quality, and timeliness.

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