Facebook Action Links Game Changer for Businesses?

By on May 3, 2012

Facebook Introduces ‘Action Links’ To Facebook Timeline

This week facebook introduced a new feature on their facebook timeline called ‘Action Links’. This is a new way for users to interact with Timeline applications. Similar to how you can like a post, facebook adds in a customizable action link that allows users to take a specified action other than to just like the post.
For example, when someone checks in on foursquare, friends can not only like or comment on the post, they can now choose to “Save this Place”, which automatically adds it directly to the forsquare “to-do” list.
Another application offered by fab.com, a website that showcases design and products, allows people to “Fave this Product”. When someone shares a fab.com product, their friends can Fave the product with a click, which will automatically add the product to that users favorite list on fab.com. Action links for businesses
While the two examples that facebook provided above do not seem that groundbreaking, especially if you aren’t familiar with foursquare or fab.com, this new feature is actually going to create a big impact on how brands and external website create applications that interact with facebook. Since the action links can be customized with any application, companies can find creative ways to strengthen the tie between facebook and their brand using action links. Social media marketing campaigns could most certainly take advantage of action links by creating something that gets people excited.

It will be very interesting over the next few months to see how initial application developers are going to incorporate action links into their applications. This may be a game changer for businesses who are active participants in social media marketing. Businesses will most certainly be able to take advantage of action links by developing creative ways to use action links to connect their customers with their external websites or applications. Creativity will definitely come into play over the next few months as there will be a wave of initial companies launching action link capable applications.

Stay tuned to WigiSocial.com to learn about more ways your business can use the new Action Link feature on facebook.

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