Fresh Content: How it Helps Your SEO

By on October 16, 2012

It has become a tough task to make your small business presence felt online. With the ever expanding internet presence of various business houses, the task is getting tougher day by day. If you are unable to convert the online traffic into your regular customers, then you need to head for the internet and improve your local SEO to get better exposure and results.
It has been researched that more than 60% of potential adult consumers get their information and news concerned with local business on the internet. Search engines are the foremost choice for these customers to rely on for getting their information. Word of mouth information and local TV exposure come second and third in preference.
The statistics say that prospective customers would like to see you on search engines. Are you there? There are ways you can make your presence felt on the search engines and one of them being updating your website. A daily or weekly updating of your business website with fresh content will guarantee a more commanding presence on the internet. Researchers looking to do business with you will be greatly impressed that you not only own a website but also keep it updated regularly with the latest content which is valuable and informative.
Posting fresh information on your website is the bedrock of the reputable and good content marketing. Your home page and blog should present content that is fresh and attractive to your customers. It also shows that you are serious about your business and really want to attract customers. Recently introduced algorithm by Google has affected tremendously on search engine optimization. A ‘recency’ aspect included in the search criteria punishes low quality content. Most of the search engines now stress the clause for content freshness in the search engine algorithms. Now putting fresh content in search relevance algorithm has become an important SEO component.
You must target your content with specific information like keywords which are location relevant and make the keywords very attractive in your blog writing. Be more specific and add the region your hardware store is located than writing just ‘hardware store’. Use specific names like ‘Ohio Hardware store. It will prove a terrific keyword which would spell out clearly the area from where you operate and the kind of business you do. Take these tips and improve your SEO to get more business.

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    October 16, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Good stuff. I have used in the past for fresh content and SEO articles.

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