How to Choose Which Keywords for SEO Purposes

By on November 15, 2012

If you want to start driving in more business using SEO, one of the most important tasks at hand is finding appropriate keywords that will drive your target market back to your website. With the majority of Internet users using search engines to find just about everything, keyword research is growing exponentially in importance. First, you must identify your landing pages. That is, where do you want to drive traffic for particular keywords? The next step is defining what keywords you would like to target to drive people to those pages. After you brainstorm some good keywords, make your way over to the Google keyword tool. This will not only help you identify related keywords and keyword strings, but also show you approximately how many times those keywords are searched each month. Once you’ve nailed down your keywords, it’s time to do a competitor analysis. Go back to your preferred search engine, and type in some of your keywords. See who is coming up in those top spots (top 5 or so), and take a look at their meta titles and landing pages to see which keywords they are targeting. Take this into account when determining your final list of keywords for your SEO targeting. Sometimes the best strategy may not to compete directly with those competitors on keywords, but rather compare them to your list of keywords and see which ones they are missing. These could be “niche” keywords that are much easier to dominate search engines with.

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