Is Facebook Trying to be the “All Inclusive” Social Media Platform?

By on November 19, 2012

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It is true that the last months were quite difficult for Facebook.  Investors had many complaints from Mark Zuckerberg, but this hasn’t changed his plans to enrich Facebook with more functions, highlighted by the fact that the last weeks both Facebook and Instagram proceed to major changes.

Instagram evolved from just a mobile application to a desktop experience by offering new desktop profiles to users, which are very similar to Facebook pages. This similarity is not a surprise; do not forget Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook and it is clear that Facebook wants to offer an opponent to Pinterest. Instagram, which is very popular to young ages now targets also women who prefer the simplicity of Pinterest. It is true that many functions are not the same, but with this change Instagram minimizes the risk of losing audience through the shift from mobile to desktop.

A few days ago, Facebook also announced the Social Jobs Partnership App. Facebook claimed that this app as a way to help people find a job during this harsh period and to use social media power to reconnect people, but who can deny that their aim is to incorporate those functions that made LinkedIn the number one business social media platform. It is no surprise that after the announcement, LinkedIn faced a drop in their share values, while Facebook, after a long period of bad results, increased their market value.

In the end, Facebook makes it is clear that it will not let other social media platforms play on their own. We are not that far from the day where Facebook, while giving the chance for users to choose, depending on their mood, which function they prefer: social, photo, business. I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s next challenge will be to face Google in its own field: search engines.

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