Is Your Business Willing to Answer the Call of Social Media?

By on November 24, 2012

Even If you do not follow the latest digital and online marketing trend and news, you cannot neglect the impact of social media in the everyday life.

The world of business and advertising are formed today, more than ever, by the new trends of digital marketing, e-commerce and online campaigns. Do you still have doubts on the importance of social media and the need to enter your business in this new world of opportunities?

Last week, even Pinterest launched business accounts. These accounts, at least for now, have no difference to the personal ones, nor offer any tools for companies, but this change is an indication of the direction Pinterest wants to follow in order to maintain the fastest growing social media platform in USA.

Moreover Facebook, with the new ROI tool, offers to marketers the ability to monitor the on line presence of their company with a more accurate and sophisticated way.

What is my point with all these? Social Media become more and more business oriented and offer new opportunities to develop your brand. Are you still reluctant to answer this call?

Instagram launched badges this week, while Facebook agreed with Orange in France to develop video calls. Are foursquare and Skype the next challenges of Facebook? Read more on Facebook trying to be the “all-inclusive” social media platform.

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Chris DiamantakosAbout the Author: Chris Diamantakos

Chris holds a master degree in International Marketing and his is experienced in marketing research and international business plans. He currently works in the marketing department of Gaea Products S.A., one of Europe’s leading food companies. He mainly organizes and implements Gaea’s on-line marketing activity and reviews new technologies in order to put the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.



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