Social Media Marketing for Businesses

By on February 22, 2012

When the social media craze first began, it was viewed primarily as a way for people to have fun online by communicating with one another about a diverse variety of topics, similar to a type of “online recreation” on a personal level.

It didn’t take long for companies to realize the opportunities available for using social media for business. The participation in social media once it caught on has been tremendous, and it only seems to grow with each passing day. So it would seem only natural that companies would want to harness some of that power to promote their products and/or services.

Here are some of the benefits of social media for business:

* Social Media for Business Offers Increased Exposure

Implementation of social media in your marketing plan will give your business increased exposure. This exposure, in return, will result in increased traffic and new email list members. Additionally, other benefits include improved search engine rankings, new network connections with other businesses, lead generation, and improved sales. Many businesses have also discovered that social benefit marketing has resulted in a decrease in marketing costs overall.

* Social Media for Business Offers Marketing Strategy Diversification

Social media marketing offers plenty of benefits on its own, but business owners find their results are even better when they combine it with other traditional advertising methods. In a well diversified strategy, a plan usually includes social media, email, trade shows and conference events, press releases, webinars, blogging, and article marketing.

Consider that these plan elements often can work hand in hand to bring even more results. For example, there are traditional press releases, but many business realize how much Twitter is used by members as a go to source for breaking news. This allows businesses to connect with their target market in any number of ways depending on how certain news relates to a particular product or service.

* Social Media for Business Offers Brand Building and Feedback

It is easy to fall into the mindset of using social media for promoting your brand to the masses, but there is another benefit here. In addition to getting your product or service out there and known to the public, there is the advantage of evaluating how the product is being perceived and accepted.

It is nice to hear when your product is excelling in the marketplace, but there’s a flip side, too. Businesses have a chance to evaluate negative aspects of a product in the public’s view, and often times these aspects are simple in nature and easy to fix if they seem warranted and doable.

The benefits of social media for business are many, and they are not just for the corporate giants, either. Small businesses, even those with only a local presence in their community (restaurants, hair salons for example) can tap into the business benefits as well. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and more businesses every day realize that it is fast becoming a necessary part of a successful marketing program.


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