Social Media Marketing for Your Niche Business

By on February 3, 2012

Do you have a Niche Business? There is no better way to market it than by using social media marketing for your small business. Here are a few tips for reaching your niche through a few social media types:

Using Facebook:

1. Search for groups that relate to your niche business and create interactions. For example, if your niche is Wedding Cakes, find groups for newly engaged people. This is your target market, and interacting with these people is creating potential customers.

2. Find your competitors. Even if you have a niche business, you are going to have competitors. See what they are doing on facebook. If it looks what they are doing is working, find a way to improve on it and do it yourself. If it doesn’t look like what they are doing is working, you’re in luck!

Using Twitter

Use twitter to search for keywords related to your niche business. Once again, if your niche is Wedding Cakes, use twitter’s powerful search feature to find newly engaged couples. You could search terms such as “planning a wedding” to find your exact target market. Once you find them, reach out and offer your expertise. Then come time where they need to hire a wedding cake baker, you will be the first in mind!

Other Tips

When you make sales, encourage customers to connect with you on facebook or other social networks of your preference and rate your service or product. This also allows them to ask questions if they have any after the sale without the hassle of sending an email or making a phone call.


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