• google-earnings
    Where Does Google Make Its Money? Infographic

    Even these are the 2011 figures, this Google revenue infographic shows you the prominant industries in Google search. This infographic lays out the Google revenue statistics plain and clear:

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  • 18 seo tips
    Using Keyword Research to Find Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

    In my article “Getting Ahead in Google,” I mentioned finding and using less competitive keyword phrases that still bring targeted traffic as an SEO strategy. Well, one of my Twitter followers asked me what they were supposed...

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  • Infographic showing information about Google+
    Google+ For Businesses [Infographic]

    Infographic: Google+ has been around for some time now, but most people are not using the social network to its ful potential.

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  • Google Plus
    Why Google+ is Good for Businesses

    Why Google+ is Good for Businesses? Google + has been with us for many years now, but the majority of people aren’t using this social network to its entire potential. Even though you have the concepts, it...

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