Top Social Media Stories of 2012

By on December 29, 2012

Before the end of this year, we wanted to flash back to some of the major social media moments of 2012.

Instagram’s Acquisition:

Instagram, or shall we say Facebook? One of the major changes was the purchase of Instagram by Facebook for almost 1 billion dollars. Even if you find this amount outrageous, Facebook from the beginning invested on major changes in order to update the platform. A new interface, and a ‘Facebook-like” desktop application are some of Instagram’s changes.?

Twitter vs Instagram

Twitter now offers the possibility to add a new wider header photo, similar to Facebook, while you can even have tailor made trends. You are still able to have only 140 characters to express your views, but at least you have more options for your layout. Few days ago, Twitter announced that users will have the ability to filter and crop photographs they wish to share, while Instagram decided that photos taken by its users will not be visible on Twitter from now on.

Facebook Reaches 1 billion Users

Facebook went public, bought Instagram, went on to add the ‘Social Jobs Partnership App’ (a Job seeker application), offered a new ROI tool for businesses and plans new changes on its interface, starting from offering Global Pages to marketers. Of course, it reached 1 billion accounts, and it is still the largest social media platform in the world.

Business Accounts from Pinterest

Although Facebook is still the largest social media platform, Pinterest is the leader in driving traffic to outside websites. With 80% of its users being women, brands found this platform ideal to interact with consumers. Pinterest now offers business accounts, and prepares itself to expand to new tools for marketers. Promoted pins? Promoted boards? We won’t know for sure. However, Pinterest has a lot of potential, considering the fact that it is quite unknown outside USA.

Linked?n’s New Interface for Business

The new business pages offered by LinkedIn are more product-oriented. Company updates, products, a new layout and many other changes that give you a reason to invest more into this social media channel for your business.

Obama’s Social Media Strategy

When you realize that a presidential campaign is based on an integrated social media strategy, you have to mention it as a major change in the media world. Obama beat Romney not only on elections but also on communication. With a clear message, Obama’s strategy aimed to motivate people to vote and to express their activism via their personal accounts.

Hurricane Sandy

The tragic events that occurred from Hurricane Sandy were better spread out thanks to the impact of social media. Photos, videos and news were more live than ever and people used social platforms to help other citizens and to warn about upcoming disasters when traditional media was unable to do it.

London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympics were the first social media Olympics and created a revolution to the coverage of sports events. Not to mention athletes that were expelled from the Games due to tweets or status updates. A great example of the impact of social media was Nike’s campaign. Nike, which is not an official sponsor of the Games launched a very successful social media campaign “Find Your Greatness”.

Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter

“Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.” The first tweet from Pope on 12/12.This change must be on this list.


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