Twitter to Reveal Promoted Twitter Updates to Fifty More Countries

By on June 23, 2012


Twitter is intending to introduce its advertising solutions to almost fifty more countries as it needs more money outside the United States. Twitter management announced at a celebration in France on Thursday morning.

As outlined by a Twitter representative, Twitter’s Promoted advertisements suite – which involves Promoted Twitter updates, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts – will reveal in Latin America, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Caribbean, Netherlands and the France later this year. Promoted advertisements are currently only accessible to marketing experts in the United States., United Kingdom and Japan.

Twitter’s reputation is increasing day by day and internet marketers and entrepreneurs are realizing how necessary it is to find more followers. Twitter is estimated to generate $259.9 million in advertisement revenue this year, as outlined by an eMarketer. Presently, 90% of advertisement revenue comes from American companies, the analyst stated.

As opposed to various other web-based marketers, Twitter does not depend on banner advertising for the majority of its advertisement revenue. As a substitute, its advertisement units are prepared into its primary features, including trending subjects and twitter updates, which are offered in almost similar way on Twitter’s desktop as well as mobile networks. Facebook has recently started imitating Twitter’s advertisement products to elevate mobile revenue by providing Sponsored Testimonies in the desktop and mobile News Feeds of its consumers.

On stage, Twitter Chief executive officer Dick Costolo observed that 60% of consumers access Twitter by using mobile phone, and that mobile earnings are higher than non-mobile earnings sometimes, as per the Guardian, who went to the celebration.

Co-founder Jack Dorsey asked a question regarding a prospective IPO. “The corporation has always set itself capable to select when it is prepared [to IPO or be obtained]. We do tasks when we are all set. We have perfect know-how about pacing and also have the willpower to make the decisions ourselves,” he stated.

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